Notre philosophie

Imagine an Eco-district with recovery of storm water, photovoltaic roofing, green roofing,…what would it be without resident ?

Human is at the very heart of our philosophy…

Human is at the very heart of our philosophy, and that’s for him that we take social innovation as our priority by building « positive energy » places to be. There are attractive places where residents can connect themselves, meet themselves, and share. From our «Récipro-Cité » intergenerational residence to our green concept  «Grünbox », this spirit of conviviality embodies our main value, both inside or outside the building.

« Living together» Architecture I s our way to meet ecological and loneliness urban issues spreading in modern societies. Our building in harmony with nature and with neighbourhood made the resident actor of his own life, an active life made of exchanges, sharing, citizenship, and shared wealth.

Notre équipe

Patrick Rheinert


Vincent Limonne

Directeur bureau d'étude

Benoit Dubuget

Directeur Qualité

(Français) Manon Giudicelli


(Français) Rim Felhi